Last Updated:
21/12/2021 - 16:09

The organization chart of the research-related units at METU is as follows:

OFFICE OF RESEARCH COORDINATION: It ensures the determination and execution of the research strategies and the coordination of the research activities in the University.

OFFICE OF SPONSORED PROJECTS: It supports the access and management of all national and international sponsored research and development resources/funds throughout the University, mainly for EU Framework Programmes (H2020, 7.CP, etc.) and TUBITAK projects.

OFICE OF PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: It ensures the development and implementation of the initiatives and platforms that will serve the established priorities of our University. The project supports of Presidency of Turkey, Presidency of Strategy and Budget and Researcher Training Programs (SAYP and MIGEP) are also carried out by this unit.

OFFICE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT: It carries out projects intended to integrate research and development activities with the graduate education of our University and to contribute to the researcher capacity of our country. It is the unit that conducts activities related to the Teaching Staff Training Program (OYP) and the Postdoctoral Research Program (DOSAP).

OFFICE OF COORDINATION OF CENTERS: Establishment and coordination of application and research centers are provided in this unit.

OFFICE OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PROJECTS COORDINATION: It is the unit where budget and staff operations of all research and development projects in our university are carried out. In addition, this unit also carries out the coordination of activities related to BAP projects supported by the research budget of our university.

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE (TTO)The Office provides contract management support for university-industry cooperation, registration, commercialization of academic inventions, and IPR. It is the unit in which all financial and managerial processes are organized such as obtaining patents and establishing a company in order to turn the academic knowledge produced in our university into commercial value.

TEKNOKENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY OFFICE: Located within METU Teknokent, the Office provides the necessary support and consultancy services to the researchers in our University for them to benefit from all international sponsored research and development projects, especially EU framework programs, with a focus on their scientific work.

OFFICE OF REVOLVING FUNDS (DSIM)It is the unit where the activities (projects, consultancy, training, and experimental services) performed by University researchers within the scope of DSIM are carried out. The criteria used to evaluate the content of research and development, design, and innovation of projects and activities carried out within DSIM and project applications are evaluated by the DSIM Commission in the light of these criteria.

COMMISSION of RESEARCH POLICIES: It is a unit that shares recommendations on determining the University's research strategies and policies, revising them in the light of national and international developments, and monitoring the quality and effectiveness of research activities of the University.